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IEEE Std 946-2020 pdf free

IEEE Std 946-2020 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design of DC Power Systems for Stationary Applications.
The considerations of each of these different components and the issue of load voltage and other load specifics are discussed in terms of their effect on the design of the whole system. Guidance on short-circuit calculation and contribution of different dc power system components is also offered to improve reliability, performance, and safety of the installation.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to provide the user with infbrmation and recommendations concerning sizing and designing dc power systems in stationary applications.While the recommended practices in this document apply to dc power systems in substations, additional guidance for substations is provided in IEEE Std 181 8.
Electrically self-contained ac-ac equipntent and the following components of the dc power system, with the exception of how they influence the dc power system design, are specifically excluded from the scope of this recommended practice:
The ac power supply to the battery chargers/rectifiers;
Photovoltaic, wind, and other alternative dc power source system designs;
Loads served by dedicated engine starling battery systems;
Applications requiring dc voltage supply above lOC V nominal;
Motor generator sets;
Battery technologies other than lead-acid(L-A)and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd).
Separate systems are usually recommended for the following special service applications, and are not within the scope of this document:
Engine (cranking) stalling;
Emergency lighting;
Fire detection and annunciation;
Fire protection actuation;
2. Normative references
The tillowing reterenced documents are Indispensable br tne appitcation ci mis ciocument ji.e., mey must be understood and used, so each rclrenced document is cited in text and its relationship to this document is explained). For dated relerences. only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments or corrigenda) applies.
IEEE Std 30X1M, IEEE Standard Criteria lorClass IE PowerSystems for Nuclear PuwerGeneraing Stations.
IEEE Std 344. IEEE Standard for Seismic Qualification of Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE Std 45O, IEEE Recommended Practice for Maintenance. Testing, and Replacement of Vented Lead- Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications.
IEEE Std 4K4, IEEE Recommended Practice for Installation Design and Installation of Vented Lead-Acid Storage Batteries for Stationary Applications.IEEE Std 946 pdf download.

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