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IEEE Std 628-2020 pdf free

IEEE Std 628-2020 pdf free.IEEE Standard Criteria for the Design, Installation, and Qualification of Raceway Systems for Class 1E Circuits for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
Raceway systems for Class I F circuits are not Class I E per IEEE Std 3O8Tt; however, they shall be designed to seismic Category 1 requirements to prevent failure during a seismic event. Documentation requirements for the raceway system shall be in accordance with Clause 7 of this standard. Individual components (conduit, tray, etc.) within the raceway system are a subset of. and distinguished from, the raceway system. Those individual components shall meet the industry standard requirements (i.e., Certificate of Conformance to ANSI (‘80.1 and UL 6, see 4.7) necessary to support the structural and seismic calculations. Standard industry practice has allowed ditTerent requirements for conduit as to cable tray. All materials shall be manufactured to requirements that support the 10 (‘FR 50 Appendix B calculations, which show the structural integrity of the seismic raceway system for Class I E circuits.
As a minimum, the design shall adhere to the basic requirements of this standard and of IEEE Sid 3MtM. This will help ensure that the raceway system is designed to perform its functions, and not degrade the safety functions of adjacent safety-related systems during and after experiencing all conditions postulated to occur in its environment.
Clearances with respect to other systems shall be established and provided to help ensure that movement due to loads and load combinations (see 4. 10.1) will not affect the integrity of the raceway system.
Relative displacement of the raceway system to other systems. equipment. or structures shall be considered in the design of raceway systems. The raceway supports shallbe designed to accommodate differential settlement and dcflcctions between structures.
4.1.3 Layout
Raceways shall not he located close to heat sources unless cables are selected or dcratcd for the highest expected ambient temperature. Longitudinal expansion of raceways shall be considered in areas with varying temperatures.
The design of raceways shall accommodate the installation of qualified fire stops where raceways penetrate a fire barrier. For additional fire considerations, see IEEE Std 690TM.IEEE Std 628 pdf download.

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