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IEEE Std 1680.1a-2020 pdf free

IEEE Std 1680.1a-2020 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Environmental and Social Responsibility Assessment of Computers and Displays Amendment 1: Editorial and Technical Corrections and Clarifications. RequIred—Reduction of bromine and chlorine content In plastic parts >25 g Rep/ace the text of with the following:
Product criterion: Each plastic part in the product exceeding 25 g shall not contain greater than 1000 ppm chlorine or greater than 10(X) ppm bromine at the homogeneous level, with the following exceptions:
a) For parts that exceed the specified concentrations of bromine and chlorine, the manufacturer shall perform a hazard assessment in accordance with criterion 4.1 .8.1 on the substance(s) responsible for exceeding the bromine and chlorine levels and the viable alternative substance(s) being considered. The manufacturer shall demonstrate either:
1) The brominatcd and chlorinated compounds used in the product received a GreenScrcen: for Safer Chemicals Benchmark score of 2.3, and or 4 or
2) No viable alternatives to the brominated or chlorinated compounds can achieve a GreenSercen Benchmark score of 2, 3. andor 4.
All assessments shall consider the health and environmental impacts of transformation products associated with combustion. These assessments shall be verified by an independent third party.5
b) Parts which exceed 25% post-consumer recycled content may contain a maximum of 5000 ppm chlorine and a maximum of 5000 ppm bromine)’
C) Printed circuit boards, cables and wiring, fans, and electronic components are excluded.
If the product does not contain plastic parts 25 g. the manufacturer may declare “Not Applicable.”
This criterion shall he declared the same in all countries or regions for which the product is declared to conform to this standard. The approach used to conform to this criterion may vary by country or region. Optional—Reduce fluorinated gas emissions from flat panel display manufacturing Replace the text, table, and equation of with the following:Corporale criterion: ihe InanLitacturer shall annually demonstrate that processes have been implemented at supplier flat panel display manufacturing facilities (labs) that achieve a reduction of at least 90% of fluorinated greenhouse gas (F-GHG) emissions resulting from the pnxluction of flat panel displays, in accordance with the performance retlected in Table 4.
This criterion shall be achieved by a least 75% of flat panel display suppliers by annual spend (fiscal or calendar) that produce flat panel displays in produci. declared to conform to this standard. Scope may be at the supplier level, lab level, or for the portion of the lab used in products declared to conform to this standard for the manufacturer. Other flat panel displays may be included.
Performance results can be achieved through a calculation demonstrating that F-GHG emissions have been reduced by at least 90°/s across all labs (or portions of fabs) in scope. based on an uncontrolled baseline using Equation (2) and other example equations in Appendix B.IEEE Std 1680.1a pdf download.

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