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IEEE PC37.30.4-2016 pdf free

IEEE PC37.30.4-2016 pdf free.Draft Standard for Test Code for Switching and Fault Making Tests for High-Voltage Interrupter Switches,Interrupters or Interrupting Aids Used on or Attached to Switches Rated for High-Voltage AC Above 1000 Volts.
The switch shall bc mourned in the usual service position for which it is designed. The base, or other normally grounded metal parts. shall be grounded. except as explained in the last paragraph below.
The interrupting ability of a switch that relies on a rapidly increasing external air gap for circuit interruption (such as whip arcing horns) may be dependent on mounting position. In this case, the mounting arrangement should be recorded to assist in the application of the device.
I)ue consideration shall be given to the choice of source side connections. When the switch is intended fir power supply from both sides and the physical arrangement of one side differs from that of the other side, the live side of the test circuit shall be connected so as to represent the lowest dielectric strength. In case of doubt, some of the operations shall be carried out with the supply connected to one side and the remaining operations with the supply connected to the other side.
If the switch is to be rated for use in enclosures, the tests shall be made in the smallest enclosure for which the switch is intended to be used. OR the tests shall be made with metallic screens placed in the vicinity of the live parts and separated from them by a minimum clearance specified by the manutscturcr. The enclosure, or screens, as well as the frame and other normally grounded parts shall be insulated from ground. but connected thereto through a suitable device to indicate current to ground greater than 3 Amps. A Ilise consisting of a 5 cm (2 in) long #38 AWG copper wire is one method sufficient to detect current to ground in excess of 3 Amps.IEEE PC37.30.4 pdf download.

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