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IEEE P1268-D10-2015 pdf free

IEEE P1268-D10-2015 pdf free.Draft Standard for Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment.
touch voltage: The potential difference between the ground potential rise and the surface potential at the point where a person is standing while at the same time having one hand in contact with a grounded structure.
transferred voltage: A special case of the touch voltage where a voltage is transferred into or out of the substation from or to a remote point external to the substation site.
4. Electrical clearances
Guarding and clearances to energized parts are given in Rule 124 of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). Clearances to energized parts for safety of personnel are given in Table 124-I Clearances from Live Parts” of the 2O12NESC unless adequate insulation or suitable barriers are provided. Rule 124A.3 of the 201 2NESC states a minimum of 2.6 m between any ungrounded part or parts of indeterminate potential and any permanent supporting surface where workers might stand. Temporary structures might be required to maintain proper clearances.
Phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase clearances will not be tested and therefore should follow the requirements of IEEE SW 1427 or any other jurisdictional codes. Tested devices such as the mobile substation (if tested) with its permanently installed equipment may have clearances that are less than those of the temporary connections required to place the mobile in service.
5. Grounding
5.1 General
IEEE Sid 80 provides general and specitic guidelines for grounding substations and can be applied to mobile substation equipment. IEEE Std Xl provides guidelines for the testing of grounding systems. This clause is intended to discuss specific items that need special emphasis or special treatment.
Mobile substations or transln-mer trailers might be installed in many locations. The trailers might be installed on utility property or non-utility property. On utility property, the mobile substation might be installed inside or outside the permanent substation fence. The mobile substation located outside the permanent substation fence might be located next to the substation, a distance away from the substation, on the transmission line right-of-way, or on non-utility property. When the mobile substation is located outside the substation fence or on non-utility property. special attention needs to be given to the touch and step voltages at the mobile substation knee because ii is the most likely point of contact by non-utility personnel. Transferred potential rise between the mobile (and its fencing, if applicable) and the substation needs to be managed.IEEE P1268-D10 free download.

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