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IEEE N42.34-2015 pdf free

IEEE N42.34-2015 pdf free.American National Standard Performance Criteria for Handheld Instruments for the Detection and ldentification of Radionuclides.
The test method to determine whether an RID meets the marking requirements is as follows:
a) Inspect the RID to verify that each marking is present. The reference point location requirement may be met by a drawing in the manual.
b)Verify that markings remain after decontamination, use water and mild, nonabrasive detergent to wipe over the marking. Record whether the marking was affected by the procedure.
RIDs shall have the ability to transfer data to an external device, such as a computer. The transfer interface shall be fully described in the manual and should use a communications port that meets the requirements of Ethernet, USB, wireless, or other electronice means such as a removable media device. Consideration should e given to data security when using wireless data transfer techniques. The naming convention used for each file shall be defined in the manual.
NOTE- Annex D provides details regarding the transfer process, format, and strueture of data fles for remote analysis of spectrometric information.
Verification shall be made through review of the manual and inspection of the RID. The steps are as follows:
a) Review the manual to verify that each stated requirement is described and record the results. If wireless transfer is used, the data security technique shall be described.
b) Following the instructions provided in the manual, perform a radionuclide identification, save the results, and then transfer those results to a computer.
c) Verify that the process as described by the manufacturer in the manual, including the naming convention, matches the process used when performing the tasks. Record any differences.
NOTE- The format of each data file is verified in 5.13.
The requirements for the user interface are as follows:
Switches and other external controls shall be designed such that the RID can be operated properly while minimizing accidental or erroneous switch operation when the user is wearing gloves including those that are used in cold weather or contamination control.IEEE N42.34 pdf free download.

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