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IEEE C62.39-2012 pdf free

IEEE C62.39-2012 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Test Methods and Preferred Values for Self-Restoring Current-Limiter Components Used in Telecommunication Surge Protection.
IEEE C62.39 sets terms, test methods, test circuits, measurement procedures and preferred result values for series connected, self-restoring current-limiter components used in low-voltage telecommunication circuit surge protection. It is only applicable for components in telecommunications circuits with sinusoidal ringing voltages up to 150 V rms at 15 Hz to 70Hz and dc powering voltages up to 400 V. The self- restoring current limiters covered by this standard have the following properties:
— Excessive current causes a transition from a low-resistance state to a high-resistance state
— Reverts to a low-resistance state when the excessive current ends
— Directly operated by the current flow through the component Solid-state (no moving parts)
— Withstands specified levels of impulse
— Withstands specified ac voltage levels when in the high-resistance state
Examples of this type of current-limiter technology are positive temperature coefficient (PTC) step- function thennistors of ceramic or polymeric material and silicon semiconductor based electronic circuits.
This standard does not cover self-restoring current-limiter components used in other applications, such as heaters, inrush-current limiters, or sensing devices. (‘ui-rent intemipting type components, which reduce the current to zero by a mechanical circuit break. are not covered by this standard. In this standard, a IL’iecomrnunwahons cirruii is a Circuit that uses metallic conductors to handle the remote transmission of intlnnaiion. such as data, communications, and signalling.
1.2 Purpose
The test criteria and terms of this standard provide a means of component comparison and a common engineering language for users and manufacturers of self-restoring current-limiter components intended for use in low-voltage telecommunication circuit surge protection. The test and measurement of low-voltage telecommunication (data, communications, and signalling) surge protectors is given in IEEE Sid c’62.36TM LB6].’ This standard provides the corresponding component tests for the surge protector non-surge and active tests.
2. Definitions and acronyms
2.1 Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. The IEEE Siandard.s Diciionan Online should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
electronic current limiter (ECL): Assembly of one or more electronic components that automatically restricts the current amplitude when it exceeds a predetermined threshold leveL
NOTE—See Recommendation ITIJ-T K.X2 IBIO1.1
endurance lest (life test) ac: Application of a specified number of trip events under specified temperature and trip cycle (on and off time) conditions.
NOTE—Sec Rccommcndation lTU.T K.82 [RIO].
endurance test (life test) impulse: Application of a specified number of impulses under specified temperature and impulse repetition rate conditions.IEEE C62.39 pdf free download.

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