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IEEE C57.94-2015 pdf free

IEEE C57.94-2015 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Installation, Application, Operation,and Maintenance of Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers.
When located inside buildings, transformer rooms, or enclosures, means should be provided to permit the removal and replacement of a unit in the event of a failure. A route should be available that provides entrances, doorways, and passages with sufficient clearances to permit removal of the transformer. Electrical and mechanical connections of the transformer to other electrical equipment should be of a type that will permit the removal of the transformer without removal or major disassembly of the other equipment.
Dry-type transformers located in high rise buildings represent a particular problem of accessibility.In many instances, particular attention to the design of the transformer may permit the use of the building elevator system for removing and replacing damaged units. Removal of the transformer enclosure and partial disassembly of the core and coils may further increase the size of a unit that can be moved by the building elevators. When transformers are too large to be removed by elevator,a means of removing these transformers should be provided. In many cases, mobile cranes can be a satisfactory alternate. When mobile cranes are not available or the height of the building is beyond their capability, booms or cranes mounted on the roof of the building either permanently or temporarily should be considered.
Dry-type transformers should be specified to have all necessary protection and safeguards so that they do not represent a hazard to the general public, workmen in the area, or personnel working on the transformers. To the extent that it is practical, rooms and spaces in which dry-type transformers are installed should be so arranged with fences, screens, partitions or walls, or other means to prevent entrance by unauthorized persons. Warning signs should be prominently displayed at all entrances. IEEE Std C 57.12.01 describes electrical, mechanical, and safety requirements and conformance tests that should be considered to help ensure safe operation of the transformer.IEEE C57.94 pdf free download.

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