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IEEE C57.161-2018 pdf free

IEEE C57.161-2018 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Dielectric Frequency Response Test.
From Equation(10), ii is clear that capacitiie current is dependent on frequency (f) and therefire far repetitive i?wctsurement.s, rite specimen (capacitor) rested at similar voltages ciiid tilt’ sante frequencies should provide .ci,nilar responses (assuming no deteriorath,n of the uLsulau(,i material). This importaili correlation between current and capacitance ciLsopivvide.s injirmation regarding the mechanical condition oft/ic insulation system. Following basw circuit theory, it Ls obvious that the capacitance i.c increa.sed l)V connecting capacitors in parallel and it Lc reduced by connecting apacitors in series. litis is fundamental for the proper understanding of the capadiatice i’alue.s obtained hi ineasurei?ieiit during a rip/cal dissipation factor4ower factor te.st.
The dielectric insulating material i.s not peifecc tiierefi;re. losses are to be espected in the system and those should be inea.cu red. 7’Iie approach Lc taken hi niea.suring dielectric loss. Ii, order to represent i/ic losses oft/ic dielectric material, the current producing the dielectric loss oft/ic insulating material is in phase with the applied test va/race. This current (ik) Lc created by polar conta,ninanr.s in a dielectric tutu tire influenced by electrical stress. This resistive component Lc very small in rue transfi;rmer insulation and its i,wrease is due to a variety of factors such asaging by-products, chemical coiltaI??iiIatioii. moisture ii, the cellulose, high oil conductivity, carbon tracking. or big/i resistance in the core (Perkins. ci ci!. /B1 )
The relaeion.ship between the total current (I,). resi.ctive current (Ik) cuiid capacitive current (Ic) i.s s/town in Ficurc I and Fiçure 2 Capacitance (C) 1 Equation (10)1, power factor (PF) /Lquatioii (/1)1. and dissipation factor (DF) Equiiuon (12)1 are mnecL2ired identically on a .cingle-frequencv power factor test or in a multiple frequenty 1)FR test.
See Annex A for fiurther details on the variable and fixed parameters.
The thermal activation energy of the liquid insulation is only needed when the oil conductivity is measured directly from an oil sample and used as a known parameter in the mathematical model.IEEE C57.161 pdf download.

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