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IEEE C37.92-2005 pdf free

IEEE C37.92-2005 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Analog Inputs to Protective Relays from Electronic Voltage and Current Transducers.
For the purposes of this standard, the following terms and definitions apply. The Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards, Seventh Edition, should be referenced for terms not defined in this clause.
3.1 one per unit (briated 1 p.u.): The measurement value or mering syem output that xwronds to rated primay rms value of vdte or current inthedrcuit being mired.
3.2 relay input: The a’ialog dectronic input of aiy protective rday, meter. mirement or contrd dice, or intdligent dectrorNc de1,icethat iscxwnpliait with this aidad.
3.3 sensing system: the dectronic senng device syen. optical-to-dectrical inte-tae, or analog gnal urce that conveys values of power syeii vdte or airrent, aid whose output is comiiai1 with this aida-d.
4. General requirements
4.1 Terminations
The senng em output. aid the rdaj input, shall beprovided with widdy avallafle aickd connectors cle of meeting the surge aid high potential withand requirements of 4.4. The connectors shall be degn&i for easy fidd wiring aid termination. &rew terminals ae awdl-aitaJ option. EaDh input or output comprises a pair of signal terminals defined aid maked as explaned in 4.3. The equipment supçiier shall providecitional ungroiridedterminalsor meaistor interconnection of shidds asde’ibed in 7.
4.2 Signal isolation from ground
Both terminals of the senang syem output, a-id any rday input, shall be ins.iated from safety or
wound for dc or power-frequency gnals A caitive path is permitted between ether terminal aid wound, not to exceed 0.01 iiF.
4.3 Polarity marking and reversibility
lnterfaes shall have pola-ity making consient with that of conventional cts aid vts See IEEE d
For unbalanced smeing syern outputs. thetiveoutput terminal shall be equivalent to the ma-kern polaity or Xl seconday terminal of aconveitonal inrumerit traiormer.
When a power-syeni primay cixrent is rq:riteri by a volte output from the senng syeni output, a potive vdte as mireri on the polerity-ma-ked terminal with nonpolaity reference shall curondto current flow intothepolaity-merked primay current terminal.IEEE C37.92 pdf free download.

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