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IEEE C37.63-2013 pdf free

IEEE C37.63-2013 pdf free.IEEE Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry-Vault,and Submersible Automatic Line Sectionalizers for Alternating Current Systems Up to 38 kV.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. The IEEE Siandardv Dkiionari’ Online should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
An asterisk () indicates that at the time this standard was approved, there were no corresponding definitions in IEEE StdC37.lO0.
automatic line sectionaliier: A self-contained circuit-opening device that automatically opens the main electrical circuit through it after sensing and responding to a predetermined number of successive main current impulses equal to or greater than a prcdctcrmincd magnitude. It opens while the main electrical circuit is dc-cnergizcd. It may also have provision to be manually operated to interrupt loads.
cutout type scctlonallicrs: An automatic line sectionalizer. typically single-phase. that is very similar in outward appearance to a distribution open dropout type fuse cutout and is used in a distribution cutout fuse support (mounting).
NOTF.—Cutout type sxtkrnaIi,cr usually havc ratings that arc asociatcd with the distribulion cutout mounting in which they arc applicd.
minimum actuating current: The minimum actuating current of sectionalizers is the minimum mis (root-meansquare) current that actuates a counting operation or an automatic operation.
non-sustained disruptie discharge (NSDD): Disruptive discharge associated with current interruption that does not result in the resumption of power &equency current or, in the case of capacitive current interruption, does not result in current in the main load circuit.
series coil sectionalizer: A scctionalizcr in which main circuit current impulses above a specified value, flowing through a solenoid or operating coil, provide the energy required to operate the counting mechanism.
4. Normal (usual) and special (unusual) service conditions
Clause 2 of IEEE Sid C37.l00.lTM2007 applies.
4.1 Normal (usual) service conditions
Subclausc 2.1 of IEEE Std C37. 100.1-2007 applies.
4.1.1 Indoor switchgear
Subclause 2.1.1 of IEEE Std C37. 100.1-2007 applies.IEEE C37.63 pdf download.

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