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IEEE C37.63-2005 pdf free

IEEE C37.63-2005 pdf free.IEEE Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry-Vault,and Submersible AutomaticL ine Sectionalizers for AC Systems.
Unusual conditions shall be considered. Examples of such conditions are as follows:
a) Altitudes greater than 1000 m
b) Damaging fumes or vapors, excessive or abrasive dust, explosive mixtures of dust or gases, steam, salt spray, excessive moistures, or dripping water
c) Abnormal vibration, shocks, or tilting
d) Seismic requirements
e) Excessively high or low temperatures
f) Unusual space limitations
g) The application of an outdoor sectionalizer, indoor sectionalizer, or an enclosed sectionalizer for another purpose, which may include concerms regarding weather exposure and restricted heat transfer
h) Unusual operating duty, frequency of operation, difficulty of maintenance, high harmonic content waveforms, unbalanced voltage, and special insulation requirements
5. Ratings
5.1 Ratings information
Sectionalizer ratings shall include the following. For those rating descriptions not given in Clause 5, the
descriptions shall be as given in 5.1 through 5.11 of IEEE Std 1247-1998, as appropriate.
a) Rated power frequency (see 5.1 of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
b) Rated maximum voltage (see 5.2.1 ofIEEE Std 1247-1998)
c) Rated lightning withstand voltage (see 5.3 of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
d) Rated continuous current (see 5.4.1 of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
c) Rated minimum actuating current (series coil sectionalizers only) (see 5.5 of this standard)
f) Rated peak withstand current (see of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
g) Rated short-time (symmetrical) withstand current and duration (see 5.4.2 of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
h) Rated control voltages (where applicable) (see 5.6 of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
The following switching ratings are optional; they only apply to sectionalizers that are designed for the respective switching ratings.
i) Rated load switching current (see ofIEEE Std 1247-1998)
j) Rated line charging and cable charging current (see and of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
k) Rated unloaded transformer switching current (see of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
1) Rated fault making current (see 5.4.3 of IEEE Std 1247-1998)
5.2 Rated power frequency
The preferred rated power frequencies are 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
5.3 Rated maximum voltage and rated withstand voltage
Preferred voltage ratings are those shown in Table 18 and Table 2. Special ratings for series coil sectionalizers are given in Annex B.IEEE C37.63 pdf free download.

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