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IEEE C37.232-2011 pdf free

IEEE C37.232-2011 pdf free.IEEE Sta ndard for Common Format for Naming Time Sequence Data Files(COMNAME).
The purpose of this standard is to define a procedure for naming TSD files, a procedure that is needed to resolve many problems that are associated with reporting, saving, exchanging, archiving, and retrieving large numbers of files. There is no other defined standard for naming such files at this time.
Filenames are essential for both operating systems and users. The flename is the system’s key for unlocking the contents, and without friendly names (where key information about the file is in the filename), the user will have trouble handling large numbers of files. Also, programs for analysis and trending applications have to automatically sift through and process large numbers of files. Reading file contents requires considerable disk access time especially for large files. But reading filenames is much faster because the filenames are stored separately from their contents in system files called allocalion tables, and these tables can be quickly loaded with minimal disk access time.
Meaningful filenames provide software developers with the ability to write programs that can quickly manage and process large numbers of files. The hardware benefits as well from the reduced number of disk access operations. The alternative to meaningful filenames is to build and maintain a specialized database. However, specialized databases are very costly to create and maintain, and they use extremely large memory structures.
Accordingly, the recommended filename intbrmation is specified in comma-delimited firmat where commas arc used to separate the information into multiple fields. Thus, spreadsheet-like tables can be made from directory listings of filenames. Such tables provide users with an easy way to perform sort and query operations based on any one of the fields in the filename, in effect providing the same look and feel as any other specialized database application.
The standard naming convention has been gaining popularity and has so far been used by a nontrivial number of utilities, independent system operators, manufacturers, electric reliability commissions, and third-party developers. The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) and the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) have recommended the use of a common file naming convention.IEEE C37.232 pdf free download.

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