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IEEE C37.20.4-2013 pdf free

IEEE C37.20.4-2013 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Indoor AC Switches (1 kV to 38 kV) for Use in Metal-Enclosed Switchgear.
For the purposes of this documcnt. thc following tcrms and dctinitions apply. The IEEE Standards 1)ictionarv: Glossary of Term.c & Definitions should be referenced for terms not defined in this clausc.
bypass switch: A nonload break switch used in parallel with another device such that closing the bypass switch will commutatc currcnt flow in thc paralicl dcvicc and allow it to be rcmovcd from thc circuit. Example: This switch is used in switchgcar for bypass feeders and in transfer bus schemes.
integral switch and fuse: A switch in combination with fuses. The fuses may be attached to or in close proximity (series conncctcd) to the switch.
production tests: Tests made for quality control by the manufacturer on every device or on representative samples, or on parts or materials as are required to verify during production that the product meets the design specifications and applicable industry standards.
Certain quality assurance tests on identified critical parts of repetitive high-production devices may be tested on a planned statistical sampling basis.
NOTE—Production tests arc sometimes called “routine tests.”
switch: A device designed to close or open. or both, one or more electric circuits.
In this standard, the term switch” does not imply that the device has interrupting capability. A switch may not be capable of making or breaking current.
tIn-cortcd or equhalcnr: Metallic materials having satisfactory long-term performance that operate within the limits established for tin-surfaced electrical contact parts and conducting mechanical joints.
4. Service conditions
Clause 2 of IEEE Std C37.lOO.l-2007 does not apply.
Usual service conditions Switches conforming to this standard arc intended to be used in metat-enclosed switchgcar and shall be subject to the normal service conditions in accordance with IF.FF Std C37.2O.2’ or IEEE Std C37.20.3.IEEE C37.20.4 pdf download.

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