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IEEE C37.2-2008 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Electrical Power System Device Function Numbers,Acronyms, and Contact Designations.
Each number, with its corresponding function name and a general description of the function, is listed in the subclauses that follow. Note that a function may be provided by means of a separate freestanding device (a device function), or as one of the functions in a mulofunction device. The use of the word“relay” in the function names is intended to be generic, and doesnot necessarily imply a separate freestanding single function device. Additional functions are-defuedyin 3.2. An index of device / function names consisting of the corresponding device / function numbers or acronyms and page numbers is provided in Annex E.
NOTE- -When altemate names and descriptions are inelyded under the function, only the name and description that applies to each specific case should be used. In gencralyonly one name for each device, such as relay, contactor, circuit breaker, switch, or monitor, is included in each function designation. However, when the function is not inherently restricted to any specific type of device, and where the type of device itself is thus merely incidental, any one of the listed altemative names, as applicable, may be substituted. For example, if a device number 6- a contactor- is used to function as a circuit breaker, the functionname should be specified as“staring contactor.”
For every application of devicefunction numbers and acronyms, the originator should provide a brief definition for all device/function numbers used in that application, including all combinations of prefixes,function numbers, and sufixes. Typical definitions are illustrated in the figures in Annex A and Annex B.
These definitions shouldbe included in the drawing where the device/ function number or acronym is used,or in a separate dragying or list to which the other drawings refer. All instruction books and other documents shalralso include the device/ function number and acronym definitions.
Numbers fron 95 through 99 should be assigned only for those functions in specific cases where none of the assigned standard device function numbers or acronyms are applicable.
3.1.1 Device number 1- master element
A device, such as a control switch, etc., that serves, either directly or through such permissive devices as protective and time-delay relays, to place equipment in or out of operation.
NOTE- -This number is normally used for a hand-operated device, although it may also be used for an electrical or mechanical device for which no other function number is suitable.
3.1.2 Device number 2- time-delay starting or closing relay
A device that functions to give a desired amount of time delay before or after any point of operation in a switching sequence or protective relay system, except as specifically provided by device functions 48, 62,79, and 82.IEEE C37.2 pdf free download.

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