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IEEE 859-2018 pdf free

IEEE 859-2018 pdf free.IEEE Standard Terms for Reporting and Analyzing Outage Occurrences and Outage States of Electrical Transmission Facilities.
A device which performs a major operating function and which is regarded as an entity for purposes of recording and analyzing data on outage occurrences.
NOTE 1 -Some examples of components are line sections, transformers, ac/dc converters, series capacitors or reactors, shunt capacitors or reactors, circuit breakers, line protection systems, and bus.
NOTE 2- Sometimes it is necessary to subdivide a line section into segments to allow proper calculation of failure rates and exposure data. For example, if a line section is composed of an overhead line segment and an underground line segment, failure, and exposure data for each line segment may be recorded separately.
3.1.1 Termination
A facility where a transmission line ends within a terminal, typically at a circuit breaker.
3.1.2 Line section
A portion of an overhead line or a cable bounded by two terminations, a termination and a tappoint, or two tap points.
3.2 Subcomponent
A part or portion of a component that whiet is relevant for quantifying exposure to outage occurrences, or failures, or both, or for identifying the cause of an outage occurrence or failure.
3.2.1 Line segment
A portion of a line section that has a particular type of construction or is exposed to a particular type of failure, and therefore which may be regarded as a single entity for the purpose of reporting and analyzing failure and exposure data.
NOTE- A line segment is a subcomponent of a line section.
3.3 Unit
A group of components that which -are functionally related and are regarded as an entity for purposes of recording and analyzing data on outage occurrences.
NOTE 1-A unit can be defined in a number of ways. For example, it may be: (1) A group of components that whicl constitute an operating entity bounded by automatic fault interrupting devices which isolate it from other such entities for faults on any component within the group; (2) A group of components proteted by and within the sensing zone of a particular system of protective relays. Examples incude a transformer or an overhead line and associated terminal facilities switched with it; (3) A group of components incuding a transmission line, one or more transformers supplied by the line, and a subtransmission or distribution network radially supplied from the transformer. These components are so configured that the subtransmission network is in the outage state during outage occurrences of the transmission line.IEEE 859 pdf download.

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