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IEEE 824-2004 pdf free

IEEE 824-2004 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Series Capacitor Banks in Power Systems.
3.7 capacitor unit: See: power capacitor.
3.8 dIscharge current limiting reactor: A reactor to limit the current magnitude and provide damping of the oscillatory discharge of the capacitors during a closing operation of the bypass switch or the start of conduction of the bypass gap.
NOTE See Figure I.
3.9 discharge device: An internal or external device permanently connected in parallel with the terminals of
a capacitor for the purpose of reducing the trapped charge after the capacitor bank is disconnected froni the
energized power system.
3.14) external fuse (of a capacitor unit): A fuse located outside of the capacitor unit that is connected in series with the unit.
3.11 external line fault: A fault that occurs on adjacent lines or equipment other than on the transmission line that includes the series capacitor installation.
3.12 forced-triggered bypass gap: A bypass gap that is designed to operate on external command on quantities such as vanstor energy, current magnitude, or rate of change of such quantities. The sparkovcr of the gap is initiated by a trigger circuit. After initiation, an arc is established in the power gap. Forced-triggered gaps typically spark over only during internal faults.
3.13 fuseless capacitor bank: A capacitor bank without any fuses, internal or external, that is constructed of (parallel) strings of capacitor units. Each string consists of capacitor units connected in series.
3.14 insertion: The opening of the capacitor bypass switch to insert the series capacitor bank in series with the line.
3.15 insertion current: The root-mean-square (nns) current that flows through the series capacitor bank after the bypass switch has opcned This current may he at the specified Continuous, overload, or swing current magnitudes.
3.16 insertion voltage: The peak voltage appearing across the series capacitor bank upon the interruption of the bypass current with the opening of the bypass switch.
3,17 insulation level: The combination of power frequency and impulse test voltage values that characterize the insulation of the capacitor hank with regard to its capability of withstanding the electric stresses between platform and earth, or between platform-mounted equipment and the platform,
3.18 internal fuse (of a capacitor): A fuse connected inside a capacitor Unit, in series with an eleinentora group of elements.IEEE 824 pdf free download.

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