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IEEE 810-2015 pdf free

IEEE 810-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Hydraulic Turbine and Generator Shaft Couplings and Shaft Runout Tolerances.
The number and diameter of the bolts are based upon the assumption that the torque is transmitted only by shear in the bolts and that the combined stress in the bolts may safely be as much as 30°/s greater than the combined stress in the shaft. The diameter of the bolt body shall be deennined from information given in Table 2.
NOTE—I lexagon head, round head, or stud bolts with nuts at both ends. may be used for all bolt diameters up to and including 130 mm at the discretion of the nianutlicturer. For bolts above 130mm in diameter, the use of stud bolts with round nuts is recommended, The dimensions listed in Table I and Table 2 of this standard for shaft dianwiers of 1050 mm and larger were based on this recommendation. For shaft diameters up 10 and including 230 mm. hexagon nuts were used to determine flange diameter. Heavy hexagon nuts were used for all other shaft sizes up to and including 1000 mm)
The hexagon bolt heads (if used) shall correspond in the dimensions given in ISO 4014.
Bolt heads shall be of the same size as the nuts, or of the size corresponding to the body diameter of the bolts. In the latter case. one flat of the hex head shall be placed parallel to the periphery of the flange to provide clearance for the nut guard.
The nuts shall correspond to the dimensions given in ISO 4032, and shall be of the sizes shown in Table 2 of this standard.
Bolt heads and nuts beyond the sizes listed in ISO 4014 and Iso 4032 shall be dimensioned in accordance with the formulas given in ISO 724. When used, round nuts or bolt heads shall have a diameter equal to or greater than the across-fiat dimensions given in those standards.
The bolts shall be straight (not tapered) and shall be fitted individually within the clearances specified in Table 2. The bolts and bolt holes shall be identified with corresponding numbers to facilitate assembly.
The length of the bolts shall he such that they will project slightly beyond the nuts. The diameter of this projecting portion, which is provided for driving when the bolts are being assembled or removed, shall be smaller than the root diameter of the thread. The thread pitch shall be as given in Table 2.
Different solutions for transferring the torque from coupling to coupling may be used according to the manufacturer design and calculation. Those solutions could include one or more of the following methods:
friction, shear sleeve, dowel pin, or others.
4.5 Jack bolts
The jack bolts shall be furnished with the female half coupling for both vertical and horiiontal shafts.
The diameter and thread pitch shall be as indicated in Table 2. The length shall suit the ihickness of the coupling.IEEE 810 pdf free download.

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