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IEEE 802d-2017 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture Amendment 1: Allocation of Uniform Resource Name (URN) Values in IEEE 802 Standards.
From time to time, some IEEE 802 standards have a requirement to allocate Uniform Resource Name (URN) values- the most common example being for the purpose of defining data models using the YANG data modeling language defined in IETF RFC 6020 [B8] and IETF RFC 7950 [B9], but other examples exist. This clause defines a simple and consistent URN hierarchy, based on the use of the base URN value that has been assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use in IEEE standards. All current and future IEEE working groups can use this hierarchy flexibly to meet the needs of the standards defined by those working groups. This will establish a consistent practice within IEEE 802 for the development and allocation of URNs. Consistency of URN allocation will facilitate implementation and operation of IEEE 802 compliant equipment.
NOTE- While the focus of this standard is on the use of URN values in IEEE 802 standards, the base URN value identified in 11.2 and the hierarchy of values that follows forms a basis for the assignment of URN values in all IEEE standards, not just those developed by EEE 802.
11.2 The IEEE Namespace ID and Namespace Specific String URN values used in IEEE standards use the following Namespace ID (NID) value assigned to the IEEE (sce
IETF RFC 3406 and IETF RFC 8069):
ieee The Namespace Specife String (NSS) of all URNs that use the IEEE NID shall use the following structure:
ur;ieee: {IEEEesource}:{ResourcespecificString}
The strings used as values of IEEEresource and ResourceSpecifeString are case-insensitive.
There are potential uses of URNs in the IEE outside of standards use. Only standards use is considered in this standard; therefore, the IEEEresource is always as follows:
std Hence, all URN values assigned for use in the context of IEEE standards are of the following form:umicee:std: {ResourceSpecificString}
NOTE- The mechanism for alocation of URN values used by the IEE is fully conformant with IETF RFC 3406 and is documented in IETF RFC 8069.IEEE 802d pdf download.

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