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IEEE 802.3br-2016 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 5: Specification and Management Parameters for Interspersing Express Traffic.
Change the fircl paragraph in 30.2.5 and insert Table 30—8 and Table 30—9 ax follows:
This sandard makes use of the concept of packages as defined in ISO/1EC 10165-4:1992 as a means of grouping behaviour, attributes, actions, and notifications within a managed object class definition. Packages may either be mandatory, or be conditional, that is to say, present if a given condition is true. Within this standard capabilities arc defined, each of which corresponds to a set of packages, which arc components of a number of managed object class definitions and which share the same condition for presence. Implementation of the appropriate Basic and Mandatory packages is the minimum requirement for claiming confirmance to IEEE 802.3 Management. Implementation of an entire optional capability is required in order to claim confirmance to that capability.Additional Ethernet capabilities The additional lithemet capabilities field shall contain a bitmap that identities the support and current status of additional Ethernet capabilities on the local IEEE g02.3 LAN station. The first two octets of the field are defined in Table 79—7a. Additional octets are reserved.
An implementation shall transmit all Reserved bits as zero and ignore received Reserved bits, Reserved octets shall not be transmitted and if more octets are received than were defined as other than Reserved, the additional octet(s) shall be ignored. If fewer octet(s) are received than defined, the implementation shall act as if the additional octet(s) were received as zero.
Additional Ethernet Capabilities TLV usage rules An LLDPDU should contain no more than one Additional Ethernet Capabilities TLV. Since this TLV is intended to inform a link partner of capabilities, the Additional Ethernet Capabilities TLV should be sent in an LLDPDIJ addressed to the Nearest Bndge group address (see IEEE Std 802.IQ).IEEE 802.3br pdf free download.

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