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IEEE 802.15.4s-2018 pdf free

IEEE 802.15.4s-2018 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks Amendment 6: Enabling Spectrum Resource Measurement Capability.
Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
Acronyms and abbreviations Replace definition for TPC with new definition as fllws:
TPC transmit power control Insert the following acronyms alphabetically into 3.2 as follows:
ANPI average noise power indicator
IPI idle power indicator
RCPI received channel power indicator
RSNI received signal noise indicator
SRM spectrum resource measurement TBPC turbo product code
General description
Functional overview Insert new sublcause 5.7.7 after 5. 7.6 as follows:
Enabling spectrum resource measurement capability SRM enables devices to gather a variety of data for evaluating radio link performance, which contributes to the selection of the best available PAN for joining and efficient radio spectrum usage for the selected PAN.
As shown in Figure 5-10, the device obtains radio link characteristics by local measurements or via exchange of information with other devices via reporting messages all the way to the PAN coordinator. The PAN coordinator is also able to disseminate information to the devices in the PAN, such as the max imum transmit power, by which the receiving devices can set their radio parameters in a unified manner. SRM data is also made available to the upper protocol layers, which is able to use it for controlling the lower layer or their applications.
This amendment to IEEE Std 802.15.4-2015 enhances the functionalities to realize spectrum resource measurement and management for IEEE Std 802.15.4 physical layer (PHY ) and medium access control layer (MAC). The standardized management mechanism enables individual PAN devices to coordinate with each other and operate more efficiently where devices are densely deployed in shared license exempt frequency bands and heavy interference could limit the overall performance. To this end, this amendment specifies the framework, PIB attributes, MLME primitives and MAC commands for exchanging information on spectrum resource usage, which includes the following:
一Spectrum resource measurements and network performance metrics.
一Information elements and data structures to capture these measurements.IEEE 802.15.4s pdf download.

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