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IEEE 7-4.3.2-2016 pdf free

IEEE 7-4.3.2-2016 pdf free.IEEE Standard Criteria for Programmable Digital Devices in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. The IEEE Srandardv Dktionurv Online should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
acceptance testing: (A) Formal testing conducted to determine whether a system satisfies its acceptance criteria and requirements: and to enable the customer to determine whether to accept the system. (B) Formal testing conducted to enable a user, customer, or other authorized entity to determine whether to accept a system or component.
basic component: For operating facilities, a structure, system. component (SSC), or part thereof that affects its satty function and is necessary to assure one or more of the conditions provided below is met. For new plant designs, a basic component is the design or procurement information approved or to be approved within the scope of the design certification or approval for a SSC or part thereof that aflizcts its safety function and is necessary to meet one or more of the following conditions: (the integrity of the reactor coolant pressure boundary; the capability to shut down the reactor and maintain it in a safe shutdown condition; or the capability to prevent or mitigate the consequences of accidents with significant potential for offsitc exposures).
Basic components arc items designed and manufactured under a nuclear quality assurance program, or commercial grade items that have successfully completed the commercial grade dedication process. A basic component includes the safety-related design. analysis, inspection, testing, fabrication, replacement of parts, or consulting services that are associated with the component hardware, software, design certification, or design approval, whether these services are performed by the component supplier or others.
comnwrcial grade dedication: An acceptance process undertaken to provide reasonable assurance that a commercial grade item to be used as a basic component will perform its intended safety function and, in this respect, is deemed equivalent to an item designed and manufactured under a nuclear quality assurance program. This assurance is achieved by identifying the critical characteristics of the item and by verifying their acceptability by inspections, tests, or analyses performed by the purchaser or third party dedicating entity after delivery or through commercial grade surveys; product inspections or witness at hold points at the supplier’s facility, and analysis of historical records for acceptable performance. In all cases, the dedication process must be conducted under a nuclear quality assurance program. The process is considered complete when the dedication activities are complete and the item is designated for use as a basic component.IEEE 7-4.3.2 pdf download.

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