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IEEE 497-2016 pdf free

IEEE 497-2016 pdf free.IEEE Standard Criteria for Accident Monitoring Instrumentation for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
common cause failure: Failure of two or more structures. systems. or components due to a shared root cause.
contingency actions: Alternative actions taken to address unexpected rcsponscs of the plant or conditions beyond its licensing basis (e.g., actions taken for multiple equipment failures).
current value: Thai magnitude of a variable that is associated with the present time and is available for display within the response lime limits of an information display channel.
design basis event tI)BEt: Postulated cvcnts specified by the safety analysis for the station to establish the acceptable performance requirements of the structures and systems.
design extension conditions IWC): Postulated accident conditions that are not considered for design basis accidents, hut that are considered in the design process of the facility in accordance with best estimate nwihodology. and for which releases ofradioactise material are kept within acceptable regulatory limits.
NOTE—Design extension conditions include conditions in events without significant fuel degradation and condiiions with core melting. Severe accidents arc included in design estcn’.ft’n conditions.’
display channel: An arrangement of electrical and mechanical components or modules, or both, from the measured process variable to the display device as required to sense. process, and display conditions within the nuclear power generating station.
N(JIF—Sce Figure I
display segment: The electrical components or modules in an information display channel that receive the processing electronics output and process the signal fat input to the applicable display device, such as a video display unit (VDI’) or indicator (IND), The display segment may include data validation algorithms, storage of digital display graphics. and analog or digital display devsxs.
NOTE—See Figure I
instrument channel range: The region between the limits within which a quantity is measured, received. or transmitted and is expressed by stating the lower and upper instrument channel range value.
isolation device: l)ev ice in a circuit that prevents malfunctions in one section of a circuit from causing unacceptable influences in other sections of the circuit or other circuils.
licensing basis documentation tl.HI): The set of regulatory requirements applicable to a specific nuclear power generating station and a licensee’s written commitments for complying with and operation within applicable regulatory requirements and the plant specific licensing basis I including all modifications and additions to such commitments over the life of the license) that are documented and in effect.IEEE 497 pdf download.

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