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IEEE 383-2015 pdf free

IEEE 383-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities.
represeritative splice: A splice or group of splices used during qualification testing to represent a number or range of splice styles. The representativc splices shall contain the following characteristics of the splice styles:
a) materials manufactured by a specific manufacturer using the same processes and controls. b) the same materials. c) the same voltage class, d) the same or higher operating electrical stress level, and e) construction or configuration features (e.g.. number of conductor break-outs. V-type or inline type) that conservatively represent the features of the splice styles being qualified.
wire: A single insulated conductor.
4. Principle qualification criteria
It is required that (‘lass 1 F cable and splices meet or exceed specified performance requirements throughout their installed life. ‘[his is accomplished, in part. by ensuring that cables are manufactured in accordance with applicable industry standards (as defined in (‘lause 7) and that cables and splices are subjected to quality assurance programs that include, but are not limited to. design. qualification, and production quality control.
It is the role of qualification to ensure that (‘lass 1 l cable and splices can be demonstrated to perform as specified and that no failure mechanism exists that could lead to common-cause failures under postulated service conditions.
l)egradation with time (aging). followed by exposure to the environmental extremes of temperature. pressure. humidity, radiation, mechanical stress, or chemical spray or a combination of these resulting from design-basis events (l)Hls) present a potential for common-cause failures of (‘lass I F cable and splices. For these reasons, it is necessary to establish a qualified life for cables and splices required to timetion during and following [)HFs, which subject the cables and splices to l)Hl environments that exceed their normal and abnormal levels. This shall be accomplished using the qualification methods described in the following clauses of this standard. including type testing. operating experience, analysis as a supplement to type testing and operating experience, ongoing qualification, or any combination thereof.
For whichever qualification method is chosen, upon conclusion of the qualification program. documentation is required that demonstrates cable and splice adequacy to perform (‘lass 1 F functions. The documentation shall be in an auditable form that allows verification by competent personnel, other than the qualifier, and shall contain the following:
— The cable or splice’s specification or qualification plan
— The documents that demonstrate compliance with the qualification plana.IEEE 383 pdf free download.

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