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IEEE 303-2004 pdf free

IEEE 303-2004 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Auxiliary Devices for Rotating Electrical Machines in Class I,Division 2 and Zone 2 L ocations.
For the purposes of this standard the following terms and defirtions apply. The Azthcrfahve Dwtonary of IEEE S.aida’dz Te7m5, SeverLhEditiorz9 shouldbe referencedfor terms not definedinths clause.
3.1.1 auxiliary devices: Components installed ether integrally within the rctating electrical machine. located ac acert to or m olxkted on the machine, or attached to its terminals for the purpose cd’ monitoring the operatng ccridittons or protection.
3.12 CIassI, Divicion 2: A location 1) inwkich volatile flammable lAqi.cls or flammable gases andvapors are handed. ocessed, or used, but in which the 1iqucls. vapors or gases will norm ally be confined within closed contners or closed systems from which they can escape crilyin case of accidental ri.tixe or breakdown of such containers or systems, or in case of abnormal operation of eqlipment or 2) in which iutable concentrations of gases or vapors are norm ally prevented by positive mecharical ventilation, and which migU become hazardous t.&ough flixe or abnormal operation of the ventilating equpment, or 3) that is adjacent to a Class I, Division 1 locahor and to which iitthle concentration of gases or vapors miit occasionally be commuricated unless such c ommixication is reventedby adequate positive pressure ventla on from a sirce of clean r and effective safeguards against verEilation failure are provided.
NCTl’E—Ret?r to the latest edition of NFPA 70-2005, Chapter 5, Artic’es 500 awl 505. For a guk in establishing the limits of these locations, ieferb API RP500-1997; API RP 505.1997; awl NFPA 497-2004
3.13 Class I, Zone 2:
Locations in which
a) Explosive gas abn ospheres are not likely to occur in normal operation and, if they do occur, they will existfora s&xrthme only;or
b) Flammable volatile licf.iids, flammable gases, or vapors are handled. rocessed or used, but in which liciids. gases, or vapors are norm ally confined within closed containers or closed systems from which they can escape only as a result of accidental ntixe or breakdown of the containers or systems or the abnormal operation of the eqiipm erL by which the licuds or gases are handled, processed or used; or
c) Explosive gas atmospheres are normally prevented by adequate ventlationbut may occur as a result of failure or abnormal operation of the ventilation system.IEEE 303 pdf free download.

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