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IEEE 3007.2-2010 pdf free

IEEE 3007.2-2010 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for the Maintenance of Industria and Commercial Power Systems.
breakdossn/correctise niainlcnancc: Repair actions that arc conducted allcr a failure in ordcr to restore equipment or systems to an operational condition.
electrical equipment: A general term that is applied to materials, fittings, devices, fixtures, and apparatus that are a part of, or are used in connection with, an electrical installation, This term includcs thc electrical power generating system; substations; distribution systems including cable and wiring; utilization equipment; and associated control, protective, and monitoring devices.
failure effect: A description of how the failure affects the device involved in the failure as well as other equipment in the system.
failure mode: rhe way a piece of equipment fails, such as open or short circuited, or a description of what has failed to operate properly, such as loss of communication with a sensor.
failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA): The identification of significant failures, irrespective of cause, and their consequences. This term includes electrical and mechanical failures that could conceivably occur under specified conditions and their efTect on system operation. adjoining circuitry, or mechanical interfaces.
failure modes, effects, and criticalit’ analysis (INIECA): The identification of significant failures, their consequences, and their criticality. Analyzing failure criticality involves classifying or prioritizing the level of importance for each failure based on the failure rate and the severity of the effect of failure.
hidden/latent failures: An abnormal or detrimental condition about which no one would know in the normal course of operation. An example is a device failure that does not occur immediately at the time of oversiress, but sufficiently weakens the device so that it later fails under normal operating conditions.
maintenance: The act of preser ing or keeping in existence the conditions that arc necessary in order for equipment to operate as ii was originally intended.
predictive maintenance: The practice of conducting diagnostic tests and inspections during normal equipment operations in order to detect incipient weaknesses or impending failures.
prcienhise maintenance: The practice of conducting routine inspections, tests, and servicing so that impending troubles can be detected and then reduced or eliminated.
probability: A number expressing the likelihood of the occurrence of a given event, especially a fraction expressing how many limes the event will happen in a given number of trials.
reliability: The probability that a product or service will operate properly for a specified period of time under design operating conditions without failure.IEEE 3007.2 pdf free download.

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