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IEEE 3003.1-2019 pdf free

IEEE 3003.1-2019 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for System Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems.
IEEE 3003.1 listed in Clause 2 are considered minimum requirements for the protection of life and property and should be carefully reviewed during the course of system design. The recommended practices in this document are intended to supplement, and not negate, any of the requirements in the NEC, IEC, or any other location-specific regulatory codes.
The recommended practices in this document are intended to prov ide explanations of how electrical systems operate. A better understanding of the electrical principles will assist the engineer in implementing the recommendations in a manner that best prov ides for the needs of a specitic design function.
1.3 Covered- -system grounding
System grounding is the intentional conection to ground of a phase or neutral conductor for the purpose of:
a)Controlling the voltage with respect to earth, or ground, w ithin predictable limits, and
b)Providing for a flow of current that will allow detection of an unwanted connection between system conductors and ground. Such detection may then initiate operation of autormatic devices to remove the source of voltage from these conductors.
The control of voltage to ground limits the voltage stress on the insulation of conductors so that insulation performance can more readily be predicted. The control of voltage also allows reduction of shock hazard to persons who might come in contact with live conductors.
1.4 Not covered- equipment grounding and bonding
The terms grounded and bonded are defined in the CEC, IEC. NESC, and NEC.“Bonding” is the electrical interconnecting of non-current carrying conductive parts designed to achieve a low impedance conductive path. This detinition is self-explanatory and implies that the conductive path should be adequately sized.and connections properly installed, in order to maintain a path with impedance as low as possible. The term bonding obviously is not exclusive to grounded systems.“Grounded” means connected to, or in contact with, the earth, or connected to some extended conductive body that serves in place of the earth, whether the connection is intentional or accidental. The earth or the other conductive body is known as the“ground” in North America and areas of the world that use the CEC or NEC, and“earth” in the areas ot the world that use the IEC. When used as a verb.“grounding” is the act of establishing the aforementioned connection to ground or the conductive body. When used as an adjective, grounding descrbes the conductor or metal part that is used to make the connection to ground.
Equipment grounding and bonding is covered in IEEE Std 3003.2TM. IEEE Recommended Practice for Equipment Grounding and Bonding in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems.
2. Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document (i.e., they must be understood and used, so each referenced document is cited in text and its relationship to this document is explained). For dated references. only the edition cited applies. For undated references. the latest edition ofthe referenced document (including any amendments or corrigenda) applies.IEEE 3003.1 pdf download.

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