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IEEE 2780-2019 pdf free

IEEE 2780-2019 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Insulation-Piercing Connectors.
insulation-piercing connector (IPC): A slf-sealing structural cable conector with piercing blades, shear bolts/nuts and an insulating shell. Piercing blades shall be able to pierce the cable insulating layer, and shear bolts/nuts with a controlld force shall, at an appropriate position, make a good electrical connection between piercing blades and cable conductor. The common usage is insulated cable connections including branch connection, jumper conection and ground connection.
operating cable tensile breaking force: the tensile breaking force of a cable installed with an insulation piercing connector (IPC).
3.2 Abbreviations and acronyms
IPC insulation-piercing connector
4. Technical requirements
4.1 General requirements
4.1.1 Materials and structure
IPC manufacturing shall be according to approved design drawings.
The ferrous metal of IPC components shall not be liable to rust and corrode.
Piercing blades shall have favorable electrical conductivity and shall have suficient hardness to penetrate the cable insulation layer.
The insulating shell of the IPC shall have sufficient mechanical and electrical strength, strong anti-aging performance and excellent flame retardancy, and shall be able to withstand operating temperatures without performance deterioration.
Connecting components of the IPC shall be equipped with a locking device to avoid losing connction during operation.
The IPC structure should be complete and be advantageous for intallation.
The IPC shall be fastened with shear bolts/nuts, and deviation of the shear torsion moment shall be within 10% of the design value. The shear-torsion moment shall be determined by consensus of suppliers and users. IPC shall withstand the electromechanical loads and environment requirements during installation, maintenance and operation.
4.1.2 Performance
Grip strength of IPC shall not be less than 10% of calculated tensile breaking force of branch cable connected with this IPC. Operating cable tensile breaking force shall not be less than 95% of calculated tensile force of main cable connecting with this IPC.
The IPC shall have good electrical tracking resistance performance. During the test, the IPC surface shall not burn, the electrodes shall not form a continuous arc, the leakage current shall not be greater than 0.5 A, and the IPC shall not break down.
There shall be no visible cracks on the shell of IPC after a xenon lamp weather test.IEEE 2780 pdf download.

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