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IEEE 2755.1-2019 pdf free

IEEE 2755.1-2019 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Taxonomy for Intelligent Process Automation Product Features and Functionality.
2.1.1 ArchItecture
The Architecture Feature Set explores the attributes of seven key areas, these being: supported infrasrn.icture. scalability. communications. recovery and resilience, security. extensibility, and deployment options. ft has been recogniied that an Intelligent Process Automation product’s architecture was an inherent component ol all other feature sets. This gi.cs contixt to a range of impactful diflri.-nccs such as doud cmus dcskiup dcploymcnt sm’dcls and static versus elastic resource provisioning.
2.1.2 ConfiguratIon, Build, Test
The Configuration. Iluild, and Test Feature Set includes capabilities to develop and test configured automations. This includes such things as object libraries, available commands, graphical configuration civ. ironmcrn. exception handling protocols, requirements dcscrij*ions, conilguration build documentation. debugging. management of test environments, access and security. credential, and user definition.
2.1.3 Orchestration
The Orchestration Feature Set describes the product’s capabilities that consume sequencing logic. static and conditional business rules, internal or external predielise and prescriptive anatytics (ML) and gaihcr current slate target systems information to properly coordinate all necessary tasks to complete a series of processes, and their associated transactions.
2.1.4 Management
The \lanagement Feature Set describes the abdities to: I) centrally control tasks processes. pnn.dc access control to a vancty of system resources such as tasks, devices and administrative duties, while ensuring asailahility olthc platform: 2) managc central slorage of’ (asks. system sorkIoad and performance, resource behavior, licensing and user behavior and 3) enable visibility of csecwion platform resources and processes. nianage schedules, alerts, and log all aspects of automation.
2.1.5 Execution
The Execution Feature Sd describes the set of functions available in the product’s mn-time environment that govern how a configured automation carncs out its intended sequence of actions in the production software environment This includes such things as: accessing target applications through a graphical user interface or application program interface, screen object recognition, consumption of pee-configured tasks and business logic, human mended process inpul. execution run-lime logging. and exception handling and notification.
2.1.6 Intelligence
The Intelligence Feature Set evaluates the platform’s ability to consume and apply learning or prediction capabilities to aid in the orchestration of configured automationc without being configured with each specific instruction or conditional business rule. This includes abilities to incorporate process-specific data and capabilities to automatically generate and select high performing machine learning (ML) models, inspect results, and make decisions.IEEE 2755.1 pdf download.

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