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IEEE 269a-2007 pdf free

IEEE 269a-2007 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Methods for Measuring Transmission Performance of Analog and Digital Telephone Sets,Handsets, and Headsets.
For STP. the handset receiver .fllust be nominally placed in the HATS position as specilied by Annex D or Annex E of ITU-T Recommendation P.64-1999. To do this, the ear-cap reference point (ECRP) must lie on the axis of motion of the positioning device. This axis is delined by a line that passes through the ERP of the left and ght ears. It is parallel to the Ym axis (see ITU-T P.64-1999, Annex F). The ECRP may be inside of or outside of ERP depending on the applied force and the shape of the receiver.
Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, the EURP is the intersection of the external ear-cap reference plane (ECRP Plane) with a normal axis (x axis as defined by ITU-T P.64-1999, Annex E) through the effective acoustic center of the sound outlet ports. Generally, the acoustic center of the sound outlet ports is at the center of their distribution. For many handsets, the IX’RP plane is parallel to the reference plane of the positioning device.
In general, it is desirable to know how the receive frequency response and loudness rating change as application force changes. For this reason, the device shall be tested at a high leak position and a low leak position. which represent loosely coupled and firmly coupled conditions.
For the Type 3.3 ear simulatorL the high leak position is an application force of 10 N and the low leak position is an application force of 18 N. All tests shall be performed at the high leak position. The tests in Table I shall also he performed at the low leak position.
Maximum acoustic output (7.10. 8. 13. and 9.6) shall be tested at both high leak and low leak positions. The final result shall be an“upper envelope”curve consisting of the maximum output of each measurement at each frequency. See Figure 2 and Figure 3.IEEE 269a pdf download.

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