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IEEE 26513-2010 pdf free

IEEE 26513-2010 pdf free.Systems and software engineering – Requirements for testers and reviewers of user documentation.
IEEE 26513 can also be consulted by those with other roles and interests in the documentation process.
Managers of the software development process or the documentation process should consider the testing of documentation as part of their planning and management activities. Project managers, in particular, have an important role in planning the testing and reviewing of documentation.
Testing of the documentation is likely to highlight any defects or nonconfo.’mances in tools that are used to create or display on-screen documentation. Similarly, usability testing of the documentation is likely to highlight defects or nonconformances with the presentation or layout of documentation and associated graphics and other media, As a result, there are a number of roles that should be involved in the testing of documentation because their work affects the content, display or presentation of documentation for the user. for example, developers of tools for creating on-screen documentation, graphic designers producing material displayed as part of the documentation, and human-factors experts who identify principles for making documentation more accessible and easily used, also user interface designers and ergonomics experts working together to design the presentation of the documentation on-screen. In some organizations these roles may have different titles, or an individual may perform more than one of these roles.
There are other roles that need to understand the test processes for the documentation, for example authors should understand the test processed for the documentation that they have produced and acquirers of documentation prepared by another department or organization might want to know what testing has been performed and the processes followed for the documentation that they are acquiring from a supplier.
This International Standard is intended for use in all types of organizations, whether or not a dedicated documentation department Is present. In all cases, it may be used as a basis for local standards and procedures. Readers are assumed to have experience or general knowledge of testing or reviewing processes.
This International Standard deals with the evaluation of documentation only, and not with the evaluation of the software it supports. Documentation is also included in evaluation of the software product, as in the ISOIIEC 25000 series of standards. In particular, ISO/IEC 25051:2006 Software engineering — Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Requirements for quality of Commercial-Off- TheShelf (COTS) software product and instructions for testing.
The works listed in the Bibliography provide additional guidance on the processes of managing, preparing. and testing user documentation.
2 Conformance
This International Standard may be used as a conformance or a guidance document for projects and organizations claiming conformance to ISO/IEC 15288:2008, Systems and software engineering — System life cycle processes, ISO/IEC 12207:2008, Systems and software engineering — Software life cycle processes or both.IEEE 26513 pdf download.

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