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IEEE 1901.2A-2015 pdf free

IEEE 1901.2A-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Low-Frequency (less than 500 kHz) Narrowband Power Line Communications for Smart Grid Applications Amendment.
Change text as shown:
There are two IE types: Header and Payload.
Header IEs are used by the MAC to process the fame.and are part of the MHR.
Payload lEs are destined for another layer or SAP and are part of the MAC payload. If security is requested for the frame. then the PIE and MAC payload shall be encrypted. If security is not requested for the frame.then the PIE and MAC payload shall not be encrypted. Example of lE use
Insert sentence immediately afier Figure 5-14 as follows:The Payload正may be sent encrypted as well as not encrypted, as instructed by the upper layers.
5.8 Tone Map Response command
Change the texr in item c) as fllows:
c) When the destination station receives a data frame shall check the TMR bit in the Segment Control field. If the bit is set, the destination station shall estimate the SNRs for each sub-band per tone quality of the channel and then construct and send a Tone Map Response command message back to the originator station. The destination station shall not send a tone map response message if the TMR bit is not set. The tone map response message shall be transmitted using ROBO modulation.Super-ROBO mode shall be used if macDiscovery Mode (Table 5-10) is set to TRUE.
Change the text as shown:
The MAC security suite is specified as given in IEEE Std 802. 15.4TM-2006, 7.5.8, 7.6, and Annex B, and is updated in the following sections of IEEE Std 802. 15.4eTM-2012:
一Section 7.3. which specifies the CCM nonce update to take into account the new frame counter size
一Section 7.4. which specifies the Auxiliary Security header update to take into account the new frame counter size
一Section 7.5. which specifies the Security-related MAC PIB attributes updates to take into account the new frame counter size”
References in the first column refer to IEEE Std 802. 15.4-2006, whereas references in the second column refer to this standard unless specifically indicated otherwise. The convention in the third column for indicating the status of each requirement is given in 5.2.IEEE 1901.2A pdf free download.

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