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IEEE 1900.7-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Radio Interface for White Space Dynamic Spectrum Access Radio Systems Supporting Fixed and Mobile Operation.
PHY layer provides PHY data service and PHY management service further specified in Clause 5.
Convergence sublayer (CS) is responsible for translation of external network data received via the CS service access point (CS_SAP) into MAC service data units (SDU) received by the MAC sublayer through the MAC_SAP. CS is not specified in this standard.
CS. MAC sublayer. and PIIY layer are controlled by convergence sublayer management entity (CIMIi).
MAC sublayer management entity (MLME). and PHY layer management entity (PLME) respectively.
CLME, MLME, and PLME are part of a device management entity. The device management entity is not
specified in this standard.
The white space database SAP (WS_DR_SAP) provides the interface to a white space (WS) database. This interface is not specified in this standard.
4. MAC sublayer
4.1 Architecture of the MAC sublayer
The relerence model is provided in Figure I.
The MAC sublayer provides the Ibilowing two services:
The MAC data service and the MAC management service interfacing to the MAC sublayer management entity (MLME) service access point (SAP) (known as MLMIi-SAP).
Thc MAC data service (MAC) enables the transmission and reception of MAC protocol data units (MPDIJs) across the PHY data service.
A network operates in a master-slave mode. In the master-slave mode, a device is designated as master (also referred to as network coordinator hereafter) and others are associated with the master as slaves. The master coordinates channel access in the master-slave mode. Communication is nonnally established between slave devices and the master device.
4.3.1 Frame format convention
MAC frames are described as a sequence of fields in a specific order. Unless otherwise noied. fields longer than a single byte are delivered to the PHY SAP in order from the byte containing the least-significant bits to the byte containing the most-significant bits.
Values specified in integer are encoded in unsigned binary unless otherwise stated.
Reserved fields and sublields are set to ZERO on transmission and ignored on reception.
4.3.2 General MAC frame format
A MAC frame consists of a fixed-length MAC header and an optional variable-length MAC Frame Body. The general MAC frame shall be formaned as illustrated in Figure 2.IEEE 1900.7 pdf free download.

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