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IEEE 1668-2014 pdf free

IEEE 1668-2014 pdf free.IEEE Trial-Use Recommended Practice for Voltage Sag and Short Interruption Ride-Through Testing for End-Use Electrical Equipment Rated Less than 1000 V.
The prposc of this recommended practice is to clearly detinc test methods and ride-through pcrformancc for determining the sensitivity of electrical and electronic equipment to voltage sags. Analysis of real-world sags provides the foundation for both test methods and performance criteria, aligning themselves as closely as possible to the end user’s electrical environment. The recommended practice will define the characteristics in terms of the depths/magnitudes, durations, phase angles. and vectors of voltage sags required to relate to real-world voltage sags. The recommended practice will show how different voltage- sag testing methods can be used to simulate rcal-world sags. End users will be able to usc the recommended practice in their purchase specifications to ensure the required level of equipment performance. In addition, end users can use the voltage-sag criteria as a performance benchmark for existing equipment. This recommended practice can be used to provide a benchmark that can be used to identify equipment that has enhanced ride-through characteristics.
1.3 Limitations
This recommended practice is limited to the testing of equipment to voltage sags. Other power disturbances—including swells and harmonic and high-frequency impulsive transient events—are not within the scope of this document.
This recommended practice assumes a baseline electrical environment in compliance with ANSI C84.I- 200& Range A for steady-state utilization voltage and IEI± Sid 519TMl992 for harmonics.
Proper application of this recommended practice does not require any filtering of the harmonics during the testing or analysis to achieve accurate quantification of ride-through performance.
This recommended practice is a performance specification and does not address safety issues. It should not supersede any safety requirements.
This recommended practice does not override applicable international, national, and local codes.
This recommended practice docs not address product quality that may or may not result in the application of the required immunity test levels.
2. Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document (i.e.. they must be understood and used, so each referenced document is cited in text and its relationship to this document is explained). For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments or corrigenda) applies.IEEE 1668 pdf download.

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