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IEEE 1636.1-2007 pdf free

IEEE 1636.1-2007 pdf free.IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Software Interface for Maintenance Information Collection and Analysis (SIMICA): Exchanging Test Results and Session Information via the eXtensible Markup Language (XML).
The scope of this trial-use standard is the definition of an exchange fonnat, utilizing XML, for exchanging data resulting from executing tests of a Unit Under Test (U UT) via a test program in an automatic test environment.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this trial-use standard is to promote and facilitate interoperability between components of an automatic test system (e.g., between test executive and diagnostic reasoner) where test results need to be shared. The standard thus facilitates the capture of test results data in storage devices and databases, facilitating online and ofiline analysis. The test results schema becomes a class of information that can be used within the SIMICA family of standards.
1.3 Application
This trial-use standard provides an overview, which is applicable to both the SIMICA and the ATML family of standards. for the development of shared maintenance data and the results of testing.
1.4 Users
Anticipated users of this trial-use standard are as follows:
a) UUT developers;
b) UUT maintainers;
c) Test Program Set (TPS) developers
d) TPS maintainers
c) Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) system developers
I) ATE system maintainers
g) Test instrument developers
h) Developers of ATML-based tools and systems
i) Developers of prime mission equipment that use the supported UUT as a component
1.5 Conventions used in this standard
In accordance with the IEEE Standards Stile Manual [B5]. any schema text will be treated as computer code and will be shown in Courier font. In cases where instance document examples are necessary to depict clearly the use of a schema type or element, such examples will also be shown in Courier font. When the characters “…“ appear in an example, it indicates that the schema component is incomplete.IEEE 1636.1 pdf download.

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