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IEEE 1250-2011 pdf free

IEEE 1250-2011 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Identifying and Improving Voltage Quality in Power Systems.
This subelause describes typical utility wer systems. Undetanding the basics ofwer system design and opcration is helpful in understanding the voltage quality characteristics described in Clause 3. Voltage quality characteristics can he atTected at various levels of a ixwer system. F.lectricity is tically gcnctcd and delivered at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
2.2 Overview of power systems
Power systems arc usually though of as having three main divisions: generation, transmission, and distribution. Figure 1 isan oversimplified_diagram of a typical ILS. electric power system. In reajjy. there are many exceptions such as the tict that s4me large industrial customers are actually served by substations directly from the transmission system and some small generato may feed directly into the distribution stem.
Interconnection of the gencration, transmission, and distribution systems takes place in an electrical substation. Substations may include transformers that raise pr lower the vItaje dcpendirg on the need. A substation thai has a step-up transformer increases the voltage while decrising the current. whereas a stc down transformcr decreases the voltac while increasing the current for distribution. Electric may flow thmuj several substations between generating plants and consumers, and it may ic changed in voltwe several times,
The generation and transmission components are typically connected in an interconnected grid fashion. rjthjn the “grid.” the transmission lines ransport bulk wcr for long distances that typically cross multiple service territories and multiple utilities. Figure 2 shows p simple transmission system, referred to as a transmission network, illustrating how most of the substation buses have more than one source. In most circumstances, the loss of a single line or generator should not cause overloads within the remaining network. This offers a high degree of reliability because power can he maintained to most buses even with the loss of a line or source.IEEE 1250 pdf download.

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