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IEEE 117-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard Test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Systems of Insulating Materials for Random-Wound AC Electric Machinery.
The intent of this procedure is to dassify candidate insulation systems by comparing them to reference insuLation systems in machines with service-proven performance. Temperature dassification of insulation systems are designated 105 ‘C 130 ‘C. 155 ‘C 10 ‘C 200°C 220 ‘C 244) ‘C. and above 240 ‘C. previously referred to as temperature classifications Class A. B. F. I-I. N. R. S or C cateunes. respectively (see Annes A for further informationi. It is espected that the several insulating materials or componenLs that form any insulation system to be evaluated by these pxedures will first be screened by the appropriate test procedures for each type of material. Thermal indices for discrete insulating materials can be obtained by Iollowin the procedures shown InIELLStd9STW.
thermal indices of insuIatini materials cannot be used to classify insulation systems. They are to be con%iderIonly as srn:n tCsts for this stem test.
1.4 Methods of evaluation
This test procedure describes test mød) suitablt br use in random-wound insulation tests. Th procedure recommends a senes of heat esposures to which the tcst models may be subjectcd to represent the cumulative e1fect of Ions service. using accelerated aging parameters. Procedures are ven for appl3in periodic vo1tav checks prvcedcdperiods of mechanical streiand moisture to establish the end point of insulation life by electric failure.
To obtain an acceptable statistical average. for each chosen temperature of heat esposure an adequate number of samples should be carried throueii the test procedure until failure occurs. It is important th,it the tests on the samples be performed at a minimum of three different aginir (esposure) temperatures for each insulation system to be evaluated.
Based on the current state of the art in terms of test procedures, no accurate prediction ol actual service life can be made from test results alone. This procedure will permit approximate comparisons only, and cannot be relied upon to completely determine the metit 01 any particular insulation system. Such information can be obtained only from the experience of extended service. By following the general procedures outlined herein, the temperature clas’.ilication in which any candidate ins-ubhon system bdong can be determined.IEEE 117 pdf free download.

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