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IEEE 1159-2019 pdf free

IEEE 1159-2019 pdf free.lEEE Recommended Practice for Monitoring Electric Power Quality.
For the purposes of’ this document, the tollosing terms and definitions apph’. The iEEE Standards Diij#mart OnIint should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
flicker: The subjective impression of fluctuating luminance caused by voltage fluctuations.
Fundamental (component): The component of an order I (e.g.. 50 lIz. 60 lIz) of the Fourier series of a periodic quantity.
imbalance (sollage or current): The ratio of the negative sequence component to the positive sequence component. usually expressed as a percentage. .Sinmirn: unbalance (sollage or current).
Impulsise transient: A sudden nonpower frequency change in the steady-state condition of voltage or current that is unidirectional in polarity (primarily cithcr positive or negative).
Instantaneous: When used to quantif  the duration of a short-duration root-mean-square (rms) variation as a modifier, refers to a time range from 0.5 cycles to 30 cycles of’ the power frequency.
Interlace: Ihe term interface used in this document is a generic use of the word and can he an external interfice. such as between transducer’s output and the instrument’s input terminals: an internal interface, such as between the data acquisition section of the instrument and the data storage section: or a user interface such as a graphical user interface.
Interhurmanic (coniponctil): A frequency component of a pcnodic quantity that is not an integer multiple of (he frequency at which the supply system is operating fe.g.. 50 lIz, 60 I It).
long-duration-mean-square (mis) sariullon: A varmauon of the rms value of the voltage or current from the nominal fr a time greater than I mm. The term is usually further described using a modifier indicating the magnitude ofa voltage variation (e.g.. undervoltage. oservoltage. voltage intcmlption).
inomiicntari Interruption: A type of short—duration rooi-meaii-square (rms) voltage variation where the complete loss of voltage (<0.1 pu) on one or more phase conductors is for a time period between 0.5 cycles and Is.
noise floor: The artitict of the measuring system. including the transducers. input amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters. etc.. which is approximately lu of the nominal.
ront—nicun-square (mis) sarlatlon: A term oten used to express a variation in the tins value ot’a voltage or current measurement from the nominal : nmnniL ntary Interruptiomi. tcniporar Interruptioti. and sustained interruption.
NOR—See Clause 4 tor inioniialion on specilic types ot esents. i.e.sag. sscll. undcrwltagc. and osersoltage.
shari-duration root-niean-squarc (rms) variation: A satiation of the mis value of the voltage or current from the nominal for a lime greater than 0.5 cycles of’ the power frequency but less than or equal to I nun. Vhen the Tins variation is voltage. ii can be further descnhed using a modilier indicating the magnitude of a voltage variation (e.g., sag. sell. interruption) and possibly a modifier indicating the duration of the variation (e.g.. instantaneous. momentary, temporary).IEEE 1159 pdf download.

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