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IEEE 1106-2015 pdf free

IEEE 1106-2015 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Installation, Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Nickel- Cadmium Batteries for Stationary Applications.
This document provides recommendations for installation design and procedures for installation,maintenance, and testing of vented nickel-cadmium batteries (including partially recombinant types) used for standby operation in stationary applications. This recommended practice also provides guidance for determining when these batteries should be replaced. Separate recommendations are provided for renewable energy systems (e.g. wind turbines and photovoltaic systems), which may provide only partial or intermittent charging:
Sizing, qualification, and other battery types, are including sealed nickel-cadmium, are also beyond the scope of this document.
This recommended practice does not include any other component of the dc system, nor does it include inspection and testing of the overall dc system. Preoperational and periodic dc system tests of chargers and other dc components may require that the battery be connected to the system.Details for these tests will depend on the requirements of the dc system and are beyond the scope of this document.
internal ohmic measurement: A measurement of the electronic and ionic conduction paths within a cell or unit, expressed in terms of impedance, conductance, or resistance.
partially recombinant nickel-cadmium cell: A vented nickel-cadmium cell providing an internal means for the recombination of internally generated oxygen and suppression of hydrogen gas evolution to limit water consumption, typically operating with a recombination efficiency of 90% or higher.
performance test: A constant-current or constant-power discharge capacity test, made on a battery after being in service.
service test: A special test of a battery’s capability, in an“as found” condition, to satisfy the battery duty cycle.
standby service: Operation of a dc system in which the battery spends the majority of the time on continuous float charge or in a high state of charge, in readiness for a discharge event. Sym: float service.
state of charge (SOC); The stored or remaining capacity in a battery expressed as a percentage of its fully charged capacity.IEEE 1106 pdf download.

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