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IEEE 1071-2019 pdf free

IEEE 1071-2019 pdf free.IEEE Application Guide for an Engineered Restoration Program for Failed Transmission Structures.
Many regions of the country have mutual assistance programs made up of utilities that provide support to their participating members. The mutual assistance program can decrease the line outage time during major storm situations. The utility may call on mutual assistance from other member utility owners for trained crews,equipment, line materials, and structures.
Requirements of federal, state, or local regulations should be observed. When any confict exists between this guide and the rules ofthe line owner, the owner s rules should take precedence.
For the purposes of this document, the fllowing terms and definitions apply. The IEEE Standards Dictionary Online should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
anchoring systems: Anchoring systems ffsectsupport the loads on guy wires generated by line loads on the structure.
engineered restoration structure (ERS):A guyed tansmission structure made from standardized lightweight components that can be assembled into a variety of structure types with variable height and load capacity.
engineered transmission restoration structure (ETRS): Any structure designed to be used for the restoration of a line, including, but not limited to, steel poles, wood poles, concrete poles, and/or ERS, and associated hardware.
foundations: A component upon which a structure is supported at the ground line level. Examples: Spread foundation, screw-in foundation, friction foundation, gillage foundation, anchor bolt foundation, etc.
guying: Connecting anchors to structures using rated steel guy wires.
installer: A person or organization qualifed to perform various line-work operations, including aerial and groundwork.
loading: Forces generated by wind, weight, and tension. Additional information may be found in4.1.
mutual assistance: A voluntary partnership of etrie utilities and contractors that support one another with crews, equipment, and materials during large emergency situations such as hurricanes and ice storms.
permitting: Approval processes through local, state, and federal regulating authorities pertaining to environmental, lands, and transportation.
routine inspection: Interval in which stored components of engineered restoration structures should be inspected.
routine program review: A review of the ETRS program performed on a set schedule as determined by the owner.IEEE 1071 pdf download.

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