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IEEE 1062-2016 pdf free

IEEE 1062-2016 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Acquisition.
The disadvantages of OTS are as follows:
The terms of the generally non-negotiable license agreement constrain how the solution may be used by the acquirer, possibly to the acquirer ‘s detriment. The solution typically includes features that attempt to enforce specific agreement terms, adding cost and complexity to the solution.
The solution may not satisfy all of the acquirer’s needs (sometimes called gaps) and it may also provide features/capabilities that are not required, not desired or even tolerable to the acquirer. The acquirer may need additional solutions, or modifications to the acquired solution, to fill these gaps.
In addition, the acquirer may also need to identify and deactivate or prevent the extrancous code from activating itself.
Sometimes, the User Interface to the solution is different from the way an acquirer is currently offering a User Interface to their current users. This can sometimesoften be solved via product tailoring.
Typically, there will be a need to obtain support from the supplier for installation, activation, and maintenance.
Problem reporting can be an issue, depending on the supplier’s capability to acept and react to problem reports. In addition, the supplier may not even agree that because an acquirer alleges a problem exists that a legitimate problem actually does exist.
Product changes, both fixes and upgrades, are controlled mostly by the supplier and determined by marketplace needs. Such changes may not be consistent with the acquirer’s ongoing needs or timeframe.
It is possible for the vendor to go out of business resulting in a possible loss of data.
4.4 Software as a service (SaaS)
Software as a service (SaaS) is an acquisition approach where the solution to an acquirer ‘s need is provided via an agreement with a supplier for acess to a software product for a fixed amount of time and to use that software product remotely, via connection (wired, wireless, etc.) to the supplier’s assets. Inputs to the remote software product are transmitted to the supplier and outcomes/results/products from using the software product are transmitted back to the acquirer. This acquisition option is part of the Cloud Computing approach (NIST Special Publication 800-145 [B12]) to software (aka renting access to products, services, infrastructure, etc.) and is frequently referred to as software as a service (SaaS).IEEE 1062IEEE 1062 pdf free download.

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