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IEEE 1048-2016 pdf free

IEEE 1048-2016 pdf free.lEEE Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines.
For the purposes of this document, the following tcrms and definitions apply. Thc IEEE SiandanLc Dwtiona,y Online should be consulted for terms not dctIncd in this clause.
body resistance: Determined from the ratio of voltage applied to a body to the current tkwing in that body. neglecting capacitive and inductivc efFects. That value impeding the current flow through the body resulting horn contact with an energized line.
bonded: Thc mechanical interconnection of conductive parts to maintain a common electrical potential See:bonding. connected
bracket grounding: A grounding method with temporary protective ground sets installed on both sides of a work site one structure or more away from the worksite.
NOTE Sec Figurc9.
bundled: One phase of a circuit formed from multiple conductors. Each conductor of the phase is referred to as a sub-conductor.
clamp: A device used in making a temporary connection between the grounding cable and the ground bus or grounding electrode, and between Ihc grounding cable and the phase or equipment being grounded.
cluster bar: A portablc des ice attached to a pole or structure as a means for bonding and conneuing temporary protective grounds. Sn: pole band.
combination grounding: A grounding method where temporary protective ground sets are installed as bracket grounds with an additional personal ground set installed at the changing work site on the phase being worked.
NOTE Sec hgurc ho.
conductor: A wire or combination of wires stranded together not insulated from one another, suitable for carrying an electric current. It may be bare or insulated. S,vn: cable: wire.
de-energlied: Disconnected from all intentional sources of electrical supply by opening switches, jumpers. taps, elbows, or other means. Dc-energized conductors and objects can be electrically charged or energized through various means (e.g., induction from energized circuits, or lightning).
electric held induction (capaciiic coupling): The process of generating a voltage or current in an isolated conductive object or electric circuit by means of capacitive coupling between the energized circuit and conductive object and between the conductive object and earth.
electromagnetic held induction (electromagnetic coupling): The process that employs both electric and magnetic fields to generate a circulating current between two grounded sites of a line due to the pruimity of an adjacent or nearby energized line.IEEE 1048 pdf download.

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