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BS ISO 7078:2020 pdf free download

BS ISO 7078:2020 pdf free download.Buildings and civil engineering works – Procedures for setting out, measurement and surveying – Vocabulary.
3.1.1 measurement
operation that has the object of determining the value of a quantity
LSOURCE: ISO 6707-1:2017, modified — Note ito entry has been omitted.]
3.1.2 setting out layout, US laying out, US
establishment of marks and lines to define the position and level of the elements for the construction work so that work can proceed with reference to them
ISOURCE: ISO 6707-2:20 17, 3.3.13]
3.1.3 metrology
science of measurement (31.1) and its application
Note 1 to entry: Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, whatever the measurement uncertainty and field of application.
LSOURCE: ISO Guide 99:2007, 2.2]
3.1.4 geodesy
science of measurement (i11) on or in the vicinity of the ground to determine form, dimensions and the distribution of mass and fields of gravity on the earth or parts of it
Note I to entry: Surveying is the science of measurements necessary to determine the locations of points (features) on or beneath the surface of the earth.
3.1.12 indication
quantity value provided by a measuring instrument (317) or a measuring system (3.1.19)
Note I to entry: An indication may be presented In visual or acoustic form or may be transferred to another device. An indication is often given by the position of a pointer on the display for analogue outputs, a displayed or printed number for digital outputs, a code pattern for code outputs, or an assigned quantity value for material measures.
Note 2 to entry: An indication and a corresponding value of the quantity being measured are not necessarily values of quantities of the same kind.
ISOURCE: ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007,4.1]
3.1.13 measurement result
set of quantity values being attributed to a measurand (iL6) together with other available relevant information
Note ito entry: A measurement result generally contains “relevant in1ormatlon about the set of quantity values, such that some may be more representative of the measurand than others. This may be expressed in the form of a probability density function (PDF).
Note 2 to entry; A measurement result is generally expressed as a single measured quantity value and a measurement of uncertainty. If the measurement uncertainty is considered negligible for some purpose, the measurement result may be expressed as a single measured quantity value. In many fields, this is the common way of expressing a measurement result.
ISOURCE: ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007, 2.9, modified — NOTE 3 has been omittedj
3.1.14 measurement standard
realization of the definition of a given quantity value and associated measurement (ILl) uncertainty, used as a reference
ISOURCE: ISO Guide 99:2007, 5.1, modified — EXAMPLES and NOTEs have been omitted.J
3.1.15 observation
act of measuring or otherwise determining the value of a property
ISOURCE: ISO 19109:2015,4.161
3.1.16 reading
part of an observation (3.1.15) which only involves the operator’s notations of values on a scale (11.1) or other methods of recording values.BS ISO 7078 pdf download.

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