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BS ISO 630-1:2021 pdf free

BS ISO 630-1:2021 pdf free.Structural steels Part 1: General technical delivery conditions for hot-rolled products.
8.3 Selection and preparation of samples and test pieces
8.3.1 Sampling and sample preparation
Sampling and sample preparation shall be in accordance with the requirements of ISQ,321 and [501.4284.
8.3.2 Preparation of samples and test pieces General
Requirements for the orientation of samples for mechanical tests are given in the individual parts of ISO 630. Requirements for test pieces for mechanical tests are given in the following. Test pieces for the tensile test One test piece shall be prepared in accordance with ISO 6892-1 for the tensile test from each test unit. The test piece shall be rectangular except for long products in shape of bars for which the test piece shall be in the origin form of the rolled product, unless a circular test piece is permitted, as stated in, At least one rolled surface shall be retained on rectangular test pieces. However, both rolled surfaces shall be retained on the test piece in the case of product thicknesses s 20 mm. Circular test pieces are permissible, but shall only be provided for product thicknesses/ diameters / widths > 20 mm. Test piece diameters shall be at least 10 mm. Test pieces for the impact test
Standard V-notched test pieces shall be prepared from the samples for the impact test, in accordance with ISO 148-1. The notch shall be perpendicular to the surface of the product.
If specified, the products over 12 mm in thickness or 16 mm in diameter / width for bars shall be tested with a full-size test piece in accordance with 9,3. If agreed upon at the time of enquiry and order, sub- sized test pieces shall be used in the case of nominal thicknesses of 6 mm < t < 12 mm. The largest possible standard sub-sized test piece (7,5 mm or 5,0 mm) shall be used. Impact tests shall not be required for nominal thickness t < 6 mm. For sections, thickness refers to the part thickness where test pieces are prepared as specified in ISO 377.
For bars of diameter / width < 16 mm, the conditions shall be agreed at the time of enquiry and order.BS ISO 630-1 pdf download.

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