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BS ISO 6166:2021 pdf free

BS ISO 6166:2021 pdf free.Financial services – International securities identification number (ISIN).
The ISIN shall consistof the following (see Annex E for examples):
a) A prefix using the alpha-2 country codes or reserved codes specified in the ISO 3166 series; XS”, “EZ” or “ZZ” as specified in AnnexA. Table A.1 or other prefixes as may be determined by the RA (refer to the RA website for a complete list of ISIN prefixes).
b) The basic code, which is nine characters (alphanumeric) in length. Where the existing national code consists of nine characters, this code may be used. Where the existing national code consists of fewer than nine characters, this also may be used, but zeros shall be inserted in front of the national code. Where a national check digit exists, it shall be regarded as part of the basic code within the nine characters.
c) A check digit, computed using the modulus 10 “double-adddouble” formula as specified in Annex C.
4.2 Instruments for which the ISIN is allocated
At a minimum, the ISIN is allocated to financial or referential instruments in the following list (see Annex A). It is allocated to these instruments with the following principles:
a) Equities, debt instruments, entitlements and structured products
The ISIN is allocated to the financial instrument regardless of whether or not it is negotiable. However, in the case of individual bank loans the ISIN is only allocated if the instrument is negotiable.
bJ Derivatives
The ISIN is allocated to those instruments that are traded in their own right, regardless of whether or not the underlying instrument has been assigned an ISIN.
c) Referential instruments
The ISIN is allocated to these products, which are not financial instruments, when they are underlying or reference assets to financial instruments.
ci) Other instruments (combined instruments, emission allowances and carbon credits, other assets)
For the groups cornbined instruments” and “emission allowances and carbon credits, the ISIN is allocated when they are traded or admitted to trading. The group “other assets (insurance policies, real estate deeds, etc.)” may in any case be identified by an ISIN.
The lSlN is allocated to these instruments regardless of the technology used for creating the respective instruments (e.g. both to instruments in paper form and to instruments in electronic form, including tokenized instruments).
4.3 Assignment of related codes
Whenever an lSlN is allocated to a financial or referential instrument, a CFI code (see ISO 10962) and an FISN (see ISO 18774) should also be assigned to the respective instrument.
5 Registration Authority (RA)
5.1 Name and contact details of the Registration Authority
The name and contact information of the RA for this document can be found at https://www.iso.org/ rniiinteiance agencies.html.
Requests for information and enquiries about this document and its implementation can be directed to the RA.BS ISO 6166 pdf free download.

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