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BS ISO 5832-12:2019 pdf download

BS ISO 5832-12:2019 pdf download.Implants for surgery – Metallic materials Part 12: Wrought cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy.
This document specifies the requirements for two wrought cobalt 28-chromium 6-molybdenum alloys used for surgical implants. The properties apply specifically to wrought bar, rod and wire.
NOTE I The mechanical properties of a sample obtained from a finished product made of this alloy can differ from those specified in this document.
NOTE 2 The high carbon content of this alloy produces a structure containing a significant carbide distribution. This can be adjusted either in the production of the bar or in subsequent thermomechanical processing to produce the final device. Carbide distribution in the final device is not included as part of this document.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document, For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 643. Steels — Micrographic determination of the apparent grain size
ISO 6892-L Metallic materials — Tensile testing — Part 1: Method of test at room temperature
3 Terms and definisions
No terms and definitions arc listed in this document.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
— ISO Online browsing platform: available at https://www.iso.org/obp
— IEC Electropedia: available at http://www.electropedia.argJ
4 Chemical composition
The heat analysis ola representative sample o[the alloy when determined in accordance with Clause 7 shall be in accordance with the chemical composition specified in ThbIci..
5 Microstructure
The microstructure of the alloy shall be uniform. The grain size, determined in accordance with
Clause 7. shall not be coarser than grain size No 5.
6 Mechanical properties
The tensile properties of the alloy, when tested in accordance with Clausel shall be in accordance with the values specified in Table 2.
If any of the test pieces fail within the gauge limits and do not meet specified requirements, two retest pieces shall be tested In the same manner, for each failed test piece. The alloy shall be deemed to conform only if both additional test pieces meet the specified requirements.
If a test piece fails outside the gauge limits, the test is acceptable if the percentage elongation after fracture meets the requirements. If the percentage elongation after fracture does not meet requirements the test shall be discarded and a retest shall be performed.
If any of the retests fails to meet the appropriate requirements, the product represented shall be deemed not to conform to this document. However, the manufacturer can, if desired, subject the material to heat treatment again and resubmit it for testing in accordance with this document.BS ISO 5832-12 pdf free download.

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