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BS ISO 50009:2021 pdf free

BS ISO 50009:2021 pdf free.Energy management systems — Guidance for implementing a common energy management system in multiple organizations.
3.1.1 organization
person or group of people that has its own functions with responsibilities, authorities and relationships to achieve its objectives (3.4JJ.)
Note ito entry: The concept of organization includes, but Is not limited to, sole-trader, company, corporation, firm, enterprise, authority, partnership, charity or institution, or part or combination thereof, whether Incorporated or not, public or private.
Note 2 to entry: This document refers to “multiple organizations. Multiple simply means more than one and these organizations need not all have the same form or legal structure.
ISOURCE: Iso 50001:2018, 3.1.1. modified — Note 2 to entry has been added.j
3.1.2 constituent organization organization (iii) within the energy management group (112) that implements a common energy management system (12,3)
3.1.3 top management person or group of people who directs and controls a constituent organization (3.12) at the highest level
Note 1 to entry: Top management is empowered to delegate authority and provide resources within the constituent organization.
Note 2 to entry: lithe scope of the management system (IZd) covers only part of a constituent organization, then top management refers to those who direct and control that part of the constituent organization.
ISOURCE: ISO 50001:2018, 3.2.1, modified — ‘constituent organization or energy management group” has been added to the definition and to Note 3 to entry. “The EnMS scope includes all energy types within its boundaries has been deleted from Note 3 to entry.]
3.2.2 energy management system EnMS management system (3.2.1) to establish an energy policy (3.2.6), objectives (3.4.11), energy targets (j4J3), action plans and process(es) (336) to achieve the objectives and energy targets [SOURCE: ISO 50001:2018, 3.2.2]
3.2.3 common energy management system common EnMS EnMS (iZ.Z) implemented by two or more organizations (iLl) that is coordinated by an energy management committee (1L6)
3.2.4 common energy management system scope common EnMS scope set of activities which the energy management group (3.11) addresses through a common EnMS (12.3)
Note 1 to entry: The common EnMS scope can include several boundaries (314).
Note 2 to entry: The common EnMS scope can include activities outside the boundaries of individual constituent organizations (112) and transport operations.
3.2.5 policy intentions and direction of an organization (1L1) as formally expressed by its top management (3.13) ISOURCE: ISO 50001:2018, 3.2.3]
3.2.6 energy policy statement by the energy management group (11.7) of its overall intention(s), direction(s) and commitment(s) related to its energy performance (3A.,3)
[SOURCE: ISO 50001:2018, 3.2.4, modified — energy management group” has replaced “organization” and “as formally expressed by top management” has been deleted.] BS ISO 50009 pdf free download.

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