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BS ISO 3537:2015 pdf free.Road vehicles一Safety glazing materials – Mechanical tests.
7.2 Apparatus
7.2.1 Hardened steel ball, with a mass of 2 260 g ± 20 g and a diameter of approximately 82 mm.
7.2.2 Means for dropping the ball freely from a height to be specified, or means for giving the ball a velocity equivalent to that obtained by the free fall.
When a device to project the ball is used, the tolerance on velocity shall be ±1 % of the velocity equivalent to that obtained by the free fall.
7.2.3 SupportIng fixture, as described in
7.3 Test piece
+ mm sides or shall be cut out from the flattest part of a
The test piece shall be a flat square with 300
windscreen or other curved safety glazing material.
Alternatively, the whole windscreen or other finished safety glazing products can be tested, using the supporting fixture according to 6.2.3. In the case of curved test pieces, care shall be taken to ensure adequate contact between the safety glazing material and the support.
7.4 Procedure
Condition the test piece at the specified temperature for at least 4 h immediately preceding the test.
Place the test piece in the fixture The plane of the test piece shall be perpendicular, within 30, to the incident direction of the ball. When necessary to retain the test piece in the fixture, the test piece in the fixture shall be clamped to ensure that the movement of the test piece during test shall not exceed 2 mm at any point along the inside periphery of the fixture.
The point of impact shall be within 25 mm of the geometric centre of the test piece. The ball shall strike the face of the test piece which represents the internal face of the safety glazing material when mounted on the vehicle. The ball shall be allowed to make only one impact.
7.5 Expression of results
lfthe ball passes completely through the test piece within 5 s after the impact, the result shall be recorded as a penetration”. If the ball remains on top of the test piece, or wedged in a hole, for 5 s or more, the result shall be recorded as a “support”. Report the drop height and temperature for each test piece.BS ISO 3537 pdf download.

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