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BS ISO 26642:2010 pdf download

BS ISO 26642:2010 pdf download.Food products – Determination of the glycaemic index (GI) and recommendation for food classification.
The testing organization (laboratory) shall obtain written, ethics clearance from an appropriate human research ethics committee, and shall consider and address relevant issues raised in the national statement on ethical conduct of research involving humans and other relevant guidelines, available in the country. Individual countries should apply their own guidelines.
5.2 Testing facility
The testing organization shall have a food preparatory area separate from that in which blood is taken and appropriate instrumentation and consumables to analyse blood glucose content according to acceptable methodology (see 7.1).
5.3 Subjects
5.3.1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria
Selection of a minimum of 10 healthy subjects shall be made on the basis of:
a) no known food allergy or intolerance;
b) no medications known to affect glucose tolerance (excluding oral contraceptives) — stable doses of oral contraceptives, acetylsalicylic acid, thyroxin, vitamins and mineral supplements or drugs to treat hypertension or osteoporosis are acceptable.
Exclusion of subjects shall be made on the basis of:
1) a known history of diabetes mellitus or the use of antihyperglycaemic drugs or insulin to treat diabetes and related conditions;
2) a major medical or surgical event requiring hospitalization within the preceding 3 months;
3) the presence of disease or drug(s) which influence digestion and absorption of nutrients;
4) the use of steroids, protease inhibitors or antipsychotics (all of which have major effects on glucose
metabolism and body fat distribution).
5.3.2 Management
On initial presentation. subjects shall be given:
a) a participant information and consent form;
b) details of the test protocol:
c) information on the risks involved in participation.
The testing organization shall obtain informed consent before the start of testing.
5.3.3 Test conditions
The subjects shall take no:
a) food or drink other than water for 10 h or more prior to the test;
b) alcohol on the previous evening;
c) vigorous exercise on the morning of the test.
5.4 Reference food
5.4.1 Acceptable reference foods
The acceptable reference foods shall be as follows:
a) anhydrous glucose powder (50 g);
b) dextrose (glucose monohydrate, 55g).BS ISO 26642 pdf free download.

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