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BS ISO 23601:2020 pdf free

BS ISO 23601:2020 pdf free.Safety identification – Escape and evacuation plan signs.
6 Size of plan elements
The following requirements shall be met.
a) Information presented on escape plans shall be legible at the intended viewing distance. The minimum lettering height shall be 2 mm. Fonts should be chosen that maximize the legibility at the intended viewing distance.
b) The minimum height of the header shall be at least 7 % of the smallest dimension of the escape plan and the height of its characters shall be at least 60% of the height of the header. Examples are given in Tbki.
c) Safety signs shown on the plan shall have a minimum height of 7 mm.
d) The line width for the graphical representation of the facilitys structural walls shall be at least 1,6 mm. Interior partition walls shall be represented by lines of a minimum width of 0,6 mm.
7 Contents and representation
7.1 Header
Every escape plan shall have a header. For the header, upper- and lower-case letters may be used.
7.2 Overview plan
Except when a small facility’s escape plan detail is itself an overview perspective of the facility, every escape plan shall incorporate an overview plan.
An overview plan shall incorporate:
a) the assembly point location(s);
b) the overall facility or site plan with the specific section covered by the escape plan detail highlighted;
c) a simplified representation of the surrounding area (e.g. roadways, parking areas, other buildings). The size of the overview plan shall not exceed 10% of the area of the escape plan.
7.3 Escape plan detail
The escape plan detail shall incorporate the following:
a) The floor plan of the relevant part of the facility that is modified to:
— eliminate non-essential details;
— highlight important elements;
— increase legibility and ease of comprehension;
— orient the plan to the position of the viewer.
b) All emergency exits and escape routes, horizontal and vertical. If direct ional instructions are to be given from a specific “You are here” point, such directional information shall be conveyed by the use of arrow-type D from 15038643 (see Figurei).BS ISO 23601 pdf download.

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